School Visits

I enjoy speaking to groups of all ages. Whether I am talking to librarians, teaching a seminar, or standing in front of a group of first graders, my goals are the same. I want to share the process of writing and illustrating books for children. Most people are surprised to discover how much is involved in even the simplest book.

I begin describing this process with a slide show that focuses on the steps I use to create the words and pictures. I show the manuscript, and any notes or ideas that sparked the original idea. I also show slides of my thumbnail drawings, and color sketches as well as slides of the ideas that did not work. These slides help to illustrate my thinking process and the progression to the finished book. I talk about the importance of using models to add realism to my characters, and the importance of research to give the book a sense of time and place. I explain the publishing process, and also the techniques I use in my illustrations.

Following the slide portion of the presentation, I like to do a drawing. Using suggestions from the audience, we create a character. I have drawn everything from a King in swim trunks to a whale in a Tuxedo. The drawing is a wonderful way of explaining the creative process and having fun too

One of the most important points I want to make through my presentation is that authors and illustrators are ordinary people who are lucky enough to have a wonderful job. I enjoy sharing the ups and downs of my job, and I enjoy feedback from groups of all ages.

Presentation Information


$1200.00 for three presentations

Group Size

Any size, although under 200 is best for audience participation

Age Level